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CISTER Participation in European Projects

18, Feb, 2016

The projects SafeCOP and ENABLE-S3, approved in the last ECSEL JU 2015 call, are now in the grant preparation phase and are expected to start in May 2016.

ENABLE-S3 aspires to substitute today’s cost-intensive validation and verification efforts by virtual and semi-virtual testing and verification, coverage-oriented test selection methods and standardization to pave the way for efficient development of highly automated and autonomous systems. CISTER will participate in the requirement specification and implementation of three usecases (automotive, avionics, farming). The center will conduct studies to identify potential security and safety threats caused by unexpected non-functional, real-time behaviours, and develop supporting software toolboxes. It will also implement Runtime Verification components, and implement automated analysis tools for detecting the threats identified. Partners include major industrial partners such as AVL, Airbus, Renault, Toyota, Siemens and local partners GMV.

SafeCOP addresses safety-related cooperating cyber-physical systems, characterised by use of wireless communication, multiple stakeholders, dynamic system definitions and unpredictable operating environments. CISTER will evaluate adequacy of COTS and standard wireless technologies, extend current wireless protocols for safe and secure cooperation and work on cooperative cruise control algorithms for platooning. It will also develop a multi-robot testbed for testing these algorithms for the vehicle platoon and bed transportation usecase. SafeCOP partners include Thalys, SINTEF, KTH, SICS and local partners GMV and Tekever.