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Ramiro Robles participated in the INSECTT project proposal meeting

19, Mar, 2019

Ramiro Sámano Robles has represented CISTER/ISEP in the first F2F meeting of the new project proposal INSECTT (Intelligent Secure Trustable Things). The meeting took place in Munich on the 19th of March 2019. INSECTT aims to continue the developments achieved in the projects SCOTT (Secure COnnected Trustable Things) and DEWI (Dependable Wireless Infrastructure) towards the explicit use of artificial intelligence (AI) in trusted IoT (Internet of Things) applications. Artificial intelligence is regarded as one key enabler and enhancement of the next generation of wireless technology for IoT, M2M and 5G networks. The huge amount of information that will be gathered and managed in edge, fog, and cloud computing facilities will provide a strong basis for the use of deep learning algorithms that will seek to improve many different aspects of IoT systems ranging from connectivity, dependability, privacy, security and safety. Multiple building blocks are foreseen for the new project combining state of the art with innovative approaches such as software defined networking, network slicing, edge computing, vehicular fog computing, machine learning, 5G PHY-layer security, etc. INSECTT aims to inherit the multiple domain and multiple building block structure of its predecessor projects. INSECTT will include an additional industrial domain (maritime) and an explicit cross-domain approach combining aeronautics, automotive (autonomous driving), building and healthcare approaches. CISTER/ISEP has had an important participation in the previous two projects SCOTT and DEWI in the aeronautics, interoperability, architecture, and standardization groups. ISEP has also acted as the chair of the technical board, an important role in the strategic technological development of the projects. ISEP has also been the liaison representative between the DEWI/SCOTT and the ISO/JTC1/SC41 standardization group dedicated to IoT use cases definition.