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CISTER Researcher presented a talk on "the Interaction-Centric Paradigm"

11, Apr, 2019

José Proença, a new Ph.D. member of CISTER, gave a talk on "the Interaction-Centric Paradigm", providing insights on a paradigm that regards interactions as first-class mathematical objects, expressed as relations that constrain communication ports of cooperating processes.

He presented the Reo coordination model - a formal domain-specific language for this interaction-based paradigm, used for programming concurrency protocols. These protocols take the form of Reo connectors, built compositionally, that can be specified, verified, composed, and reused, independently of the actors being coordinated. He described the visual syntax of connectors and some of its semantic models, and highlighted some of his recent contributions to this community, including a compositional real-time semantics, tools to analyse connectors, and an approach to specify synchronisation constraints in a RTOS.

His work has been mainly on coordination of distributed components, often associated to the Reo coordiation language, and on formal approaches to software product line engineering. More recently he has been working with binding and component models for embedded devices in the context of the LooCI middleware and micro PnP (now part of VersaSense), on in the context of time-sensitive connectors, and in the context of the VirtuosoNext RTOS.

He has been involved in the organisation of several international conferences and workshops in the area of fundamental aspects of component-based systems and their coordination, including COORDINATION'15 and FACS'17, he participates in the PC of several venues in this community, and he is now leading the FCT project DaVinci on distributed architectures of Cyber-Physical Systems.

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