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31, Jul, 2014



 CISTER QuickNews


Welcome to the July 31, 2014 edition of CISTER QuickNews.

CISTER QuickNews is a newsletter providing up-to-date information on the activities and results of the Research Centre in Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems, being disseminated monthly to a selected audience.

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Quick look

1. CISTER hosted a distinguished seminar from Prof. Radu Marculescu
2. Successful Project Review Meeting of European Project Encourage
3. Management Meeting of the TACLe COST Action
4. Another PhD defense which received the highest distinction
5. Work-in-Progress of promising BIC students at CISTER
6. CISTER Researcher Leads Flagship Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS 2015)

CISTER hosted a distinguished seminar from Prof. Radu Marculescu

During the visit of Prof. Radu Marculescu at CISTER with the main purpose of strengthening his collaboration with Research Center, he took the opportunity to give a presentation on "Design of Future Integrated Systems: A Cyber-physical Systems Approach". During his talk, he addressed some fundamental issues related to the modeling and optimization of power and performance of next generation of integrated systems while taking a cyber-physical approach.

Radu Marculescu is a Professor in the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California in 1998. He has received the Donald O. Pederson Best Paper Award from the IEEE Transactions of Computer-Aided Design of Integrated circuits and Systems in 2012, the Best Paper Award of IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems in 2011 and 2005, as well as several best paper awards in major conferences in the area of design automation and multi-core design. Currently, Dr. Marculescu is the Editor-in-Chief of Foundations and Trends in Electronic Design Automation and an Associate Editor of Elsevier Journal of Nano Communication Networks. In the past, he was an Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. on Computers, IEEE Trans. on Computer-Aided Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems, ACM Trans. on Embedded Computing Systems, and IEEE Trans. on VLSI. He has been involved in organizing several international symposia, conferences, workshops, and tutorials, as well as guest editor of special issues in archival journals and magazines. His research focuses on design methodologies and software tools for embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, and biological systems. Radu Marculescu is an IEEE Fellow.

More information at: http://www.cister.isep.ipp.pt/events/_distinguished_seminar_series/

Successful Project Review Meeting of European Project Encourage

The 3rd review meeting of ENCOURAGE project, which involves the development of a reference platform for smart grids, was held in Barcelona. The review centered on the system's middleware, implemented mainly by CISTER, and on the demonstrator deployed in Terrassa University, which monitors the campus energy consumption, produces detailed report on energy usage, and publishes real-time data on Twitter regarding how users use appliances and consume energy. This latter feature implements an educative competitive game between the responsible parties for the different rooms the campus is divided into.

More information about ENCOURAGE at: http://www.cister.isep.ipp.pt/projects/encourage/

Management Meeting of the TACLe COST Action

Konstantinos Bletsas represented Portugal at the TACLe ("Timing Analysis at the Code Level") COST Action Management Committee meeting in Madrid, Spain on Monday 07/07/2014. As Portugal’s representative, CISTER is to "channel"/represent research interest in this area from Portuguese institutions.

This management meeting was mainly dedicated to budget allocation in preparation of the upcoming project year as well as to follow-up on the project-sponsored summer school. The TACLe meeting was held jointly with the main event for Worst Case Execution Time Analysis, the WCET 2014 workshop.

COST Actions are designed to create networks of researchers in Europe around a particular topic. In this particular case, it concerns code-level timing analysis and brings together researchers from key research organizations in Europe, like the Mälardalen University, Sweden, University of York, UK, or University of Saarbrücken, Germany.

More information at: http://tacle.knossosnet.gr/

Another PhD defense which received the highest distinction

CISTER/INESC-TEC PhD student Muhammad Ali Awan has successfully defended his PhD dissertation titled “Energy and Temperature Aware Real-Time Systems” in University of Porto under the supervision of Dr. Stefan M. Petters. Ali was enrolled in a doctoral program in electrical and computer engineering (PDEEC) jointly taught by CISTER/INESC-TEC and FEUP. It is the third PhD defense from CISTER in 2014 and also the third one to receive the highest distinction!

The dissertation attempts to provide energy efficient solutions and techniques to cope with the current trends in modern embedded computing systems, while closing the gap between theoretical research and practice. In particular, it focuses on operating system-level power management and exploits the available sleep states to improve on energy efficiency while mainly concentrating on leakage power dissipation. Various aspects of the system (CPU, I/O devices, thermal management etc.) have been explored for a large range of hardware platforms. The proposed solutions have lower online complexity and consider more realistic power models when compared to the state-of-the-art approaches. Outcomes of this research have been published in many reputed international conferences such as ECRTS, RTAS, RTCSA, RTNS, SIES and ICESS. In addition to this, four more works are under submission in renowned journals.

The president of the jury was Professor Jose Alfredo Ribeiro da Silva Matos, director of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Porto. The two “local” reviewers were the Associate Professor Luis Miguel Pinho Almeida and the Assistant Professor Mario Jorge Rodrigues de Sousa from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, also from the University of Porto, and the two “external” reviewers were the Professor Gerhard Fohler, director of Real-Time Systems group at Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern, Germany and the Associate Professor Marko Bertogna from Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche, Informatiche e Matematiche, Universita di Modena e Reggio Eimilia, Italy. These external members are highly respected researchers in the field of Real-Time Systems.

Last but not least, Ali is now joining CISTER/INESC-TEC as a PostDoc researcher!

Work-in-Progress of promising BIC students at CISTER

Six promising and highly motivated BIC students from ISEP and FEUP joined CISTER for three months to enrich and stimulate their buzzing minds. They formed three teams of two students each (one BIC student from each institution in each team) to contribute to a set of very challenging and ambitious projects, described below. The work is conducted under the orientation of CISTER researchers.


Project 1) Sensing in motion: by Marco Rodrigues (ISEP) and Miguel Sandim (FEUP) oriented by Raghuraman Rangarajan and Vikram Gupta

Real-time environment monitoring is required to quickly address issues of pollution of noise, air, water and land. This is especially important in an urban scenario for situational awareness and improved decision making. Current air pollutant sensors are in fixed locations and away from critical places. The aim of this project is to make a modular UV-based system capable of autonomously taking environmental measurements at different localities and transmit this data in real-time.

Project 2) Vision feedback to control 3D motion: by Dalila Lima (FEUP) and Nuno Almeida (ISEP) oriented by Filipe Pacheco and Shashank Gaur

Quadcopters provide easy and affordable 3D movement capabilities and enable new robotic tasks. However controlling the position in space of a device with adequate accuracy is a challenge. In this project computer vision is used to provide real-time position feedback and enable simple control in the 3D space of the quadcopter. The target application is an plotter-like demonstration where the quadcopter can draw paths on a vertical wall without human assistance.

Project 3) Tele-presence robot: by João Pacheco (ISEP) and Paula Fortuna (FEUP) oriented by Pedro Souto and Ricardo Severino

Conventional video-conference systems although very useful allow for limited interaction. This project will combine a video-conference system with a wifibot to allow for a more interactive experience. Its goal being to allow a user to roam around a remote place and interact with remote users via a video-conference system, e.g. to remotely assist in lab work.

CISTER Researcher Leads Flagship Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS 2015)

CISTER Vice-Director Luis Miguel Pinho has been awarded as General Co-Chair of the 28th GI/ITG International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems (ARCS’15) that will take place in Porto, Portugal, on March 24 – 27, 2015. This is an outstanding recognition both for Luis and the CISTER research unit as a whole and is a testament to the excellent work performed in the unit.

The ARCS series of conferences is one of the most important and oldest scientific events for computer architecture research in Europe. It celebrated this year 41 years of tradition reporting top notch results in computer architecture, operating systems, and computing systems.

The focus of the 2015 conference will be on reconciling, in mixed-critical systems, the parallel execution paradigm borrowed typically from the high-performance computing world and the time-predictability requirement peculiar to the embedded computing market segment.

Other key roles in the organization of this event have been entrusted to other members of CISTER, namely, to Dr. Vincent Nélis who will serve as Publicity Chair and to Prof. Luis Ferreira who will be the Local Organization Chair.

Official webpage: http://www.cister.isep.ipp.pt/arcs2015/

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