CPS Week 2018 Advance Program ‧ R11 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala do Tribunal

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CPS Week 2018 Program Overview

R11 - Palácio da Bolsa - Level 1 - Sala do Tribunal

Palácio da Bolsa
The Commercial Court Room - R11 (Level 1)
R. de Ferreira Borges, 4050-253 Porto
Workshops/Tutorials April 10:

Conferences April 11/12/13:
With initial traces by Joel Pereira da Silva, which was later on reformulated by the architect Marques da Silva, it is in this room, with French renaissance style, that the new confreres of the Port Wine brotherhood are enthroned. Amongst many personalities we have Prince Albert II of Monaco, the President of the Portuguese Republic Professor Cavaco Silva, and many others.

The restoration of the four monumental windows occurred between 2007 and 2014, being the coloured lateral ones of French origin and the central one from Lisbon. The central glass engraving was made by a company from Gondomar and the restoration contract by an architect from Porto de Mós.

April 10

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08:45 - 09:00MT-CPSWorkshop Welcome
09:00 - 10:30MT-CPSWorkshop Session - Regular Expressions and Temporal Logics

Quantitative Regular Expressions for Monitoring Cardiac Arrhythmias. Houssam Abbas, Rajeev Alur, Konstantinos Mamouras, Rahul Mangharam and Alena Rodionova

On the Quantitative Semantics of Regular Expressions over Real-Valued Signals. Alexey Bakhirkin, Thomas Ferrère, Oded Maler and Dogan Ulus

From MITL to timed automata. Thomas Ferrère, Oded Maler and Dejan Nickovic

11:00 - 13:00MT-CPSWorkshop Session - Falsification

Time-Staging Enhancement of Hybrid System Falsification. Gidon Ernst, Ichiro Hasuo, Sean Sedwards and Zhenya Zhang

Falsification of Cyber-Physical Systems with Reinforcement Learning. Koki Kato, Fuyuki Ishikawa and Shinichi Honiden

Temporal Logic Falsification of Cyber-Physical Systems: An Input-Signal-Space Optimization Approach. Arend Aerts, Bryan Tong Minh, Mohammadreza Mousavi and Michel Reniers

Using Valued Booleans to Find Simpler Counterexamples in Random Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems. Koen Claessen, Nicholas Smallbone, Johan Lidén Eddeland, Sajed Miremadi, Zahra Ramezani and Knut Åkesson

14:00 - 15:30MT-CPSWorkshop Session - Tools

Towards Context-Aware Cyber-Physical Systems. Radoslav Ivanov, James Weimer and Insup Lee

DejaVu: A Monitoring Tool for First-Order Temporal Logic. Klaus Havelund, Doron Peled and Dogan Ulus

MONAA: a Tool for Timed Pattern Matching with Automata-Based Acceleration. Masaki Waga, Ichiro Hasuo and Kohei Suenaga

16:00 - 17:30MT-CPSWorkshop Session - Control and Stimulus Generation

Resilient Control and Safety for Cyber-Physical Systems. Ashish Tiwari, Scott Smolka, Lukas Esterle, Anna Lukina, Junxing Yang and Radu Grosu

Cyber-Physical Doping Tests. Sebastian Biewer, Pedro R. D'Argenio and Holger Hermanns

Stimulus Generator for Circuit Model Generation. Xavier Avon and Thao Dang

April 11

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10:30 - 11:30IPSNSession 1 - Large-Scale Applications
Session Chairs: Jie Gao and Pei Zhang

Plug-and-play Irrigation Control at Scale. Daniel A. Winkler, Miguel Carreira-Perpi, Alberto E. Cerpa

Walkway Discovery from Large Scale Crowdsensing. Chu Cao, Zhidan Liu, Mo Li, Qin Zheng, Wenqiang Wang

Monitoring Meteorological Parameters With Crowdsourced Air Traffic Control Data. Roman Trueb, Daniel Moser, Matthias Schaefer, Rui Pinheiro, Vincent Lenders

11:30 - 12:30IPSNCrazy Ideas Session
14:00 - 15:30IPSNSession 2 - Information Propagation
Session Chair: Sirajum Munir

On the Ability of Mobile Sensor Networks to Diffuse Information. Chen Gu, Ian Downes, Omprakash Gnawali, Leonidas Guibas

Continuous Wireless Link Rates for Internet of Things. Haoyang Lu, Wei Gao

Charm: Exploiting Geographical Diversity Through Coherent Combining in Low-Power Wide-Area Networks. Adwait Dongare, Revathy Narayanan, Akshay Gadre, Anh Luong, Artur Balanuta, Swarun Kumar, Bob Iannucci, Anthony Rowe

Codecast: Supporting Data Driven In-Network Processing for Low-Power Wireless Sensor Networks. Mobashir Mohammad, Mun Choon Chan

16:00 - 16:40IPSNSession 3 - Synchronization of Transmission
Session Chair: Shan Lin

Interference-Resilient Ultra-Low Power Aperiodic Data Collection. Timofei Istomin, Matteo Trobinger, Amy L. Murphy, Gian Pietro Picco

A Stitch in Time and Frequency Synchronization Saves Bandwidth. Anh Luong, Peter Hillyard, Alemayehu Solomon Abrar, Charissa Che, Thomas Schmid, Anthony Rowe, Neal Patwari.

16:40 - 17:30IPSNPoster/Demo Madness


EMeasure: Using A Smart Device With Consumer-Grade Accelerometer as an Accurate Measuring Scale.V. Chandel, A. Ghose

Attributed-based Authentication and Access Control for IoT Home Devices.A. Neto, Y. Pereira, A. Souza, I. Cunha, L. Oliveira

Applications on the Signpost Platform for City-Scale Sensing.J. Adkins, B. Ghena, N. Jackson, P. Pannuto, B. Campbell, P. Dutta

Battery-free 802.15.4 Receiver.C. Pérez-Penichet, C. Noda, A. Varshney, T. Voigt

A Motion-Triggered Stereo Camera for 3D Experience Capture.B. Islam, M. Islam, S. Nirjon

Federated Authentication of Things.M. Santos, J. Carneiro, F. Teixeira, A. Franco, M. Henriques, L. Oliveira

The OpenChirp Low-Power Wide-Area Network and Ecosystem.A. Dongare, A. Luong, A. Balanuta, C. Hesling, K. Bhatia, B. Iannucci, S. Kumar, A. Rowe

A Tool to Access and Visualize Classroom Attendance Data from a Smart Campus.T. Sutjarittham,,H. Gharakheili, S. Kanhere, V. Sivaraman

PosePair: Pairing IoT Devices Through Visual Human Pose Analysis.C. Ruiz, S. Pan, A. Sadde, H. Noh, P. Zhang

Welcome to My World: Demystifying Multi-user AR with the Cloud.N. Rajagopal, J. Miller, K. Kumar, A. Luong, A. Rowe

Walkway Discovery from Large Scale Crowdsensing.C. Cao, Z. Liu, M. Li, W. Wang, Z. Qin


Smart Saline Management System.H. Amarasekara, R. Manage, K. Abeywickrama, K. Perera, R. Achchige, J. Wijekoon

TrainKo.A. Jayawardena, K. Sachith, J. Wijekoon

An iterative approach for Non-Line-of-Sight error mitigation in UWB Localization.J. Park,,S. Imran, Y. Ko, C. Lee, S. Park

Pulse Shot: Photo Shooting and Retrieval System Using Heartbeat Information.H. Oshita,,N. Segawa

Fast Indoor Localization using WiFi Channel State Information.A. Ahmed,,N. Bergmann, R. Arablouei, F. de Hoog, B. Kusy, R. Jurdak

Energy Efficient Mobile Data Collection from Sensor Networks with Range-Dependent Data Rates.N. Annuar, N. Bergmann, R. Jurdak, B. Kusy

Multiple Door Opening/Closing Detection System Using Infrasound Sensor.M. Kijima,,Y. Miyagawa, H. Oshita, N. Segawa, M. Yazawa, M. Yamamoto

Runtime Adaptation of PHY Settings for Dependable UWB Communications.B. Großwindhager, C. Boano, M. Rath, K. Römer

Towards Smaller Checkpoints for Better Intermittent Computing.S. Ahmed, M.,Alizai, J. Siddiqui, N. Bhatti, L. Mottola

Road Quality Classification for road repair authorities and regular drivers, Using an on-board Data Logger.H. Tariq, S.,Mazhar, H. Hameed

Zero-power Receiver for Touch Communication and Touch Sensing.S. Raphael, M.,Magno

Reliable Push Notification for Mobile Users in Interactive Smart Mobile Applications.T. Yang, C. Kim, S. Kim, S. Kim, S. Park

Building IoT Nodes - A Flexible Approach.S. Manurkar, K. Ramamritham

Long-term Energy-neutral Operation of Solar Energy-harvesting Sensor Nodes under Time-varying Utility.K. Geissdoerfer,,R. Jurdak, B. Kusy

Toward Fast Closed-loop Control over Multi-hop Low-power Wireless Networks.F. Mager, D. Baumann, S. Trimpe, M. Zimmerling

Combining LoRa and RTK to Achieve a High Precision Self-Sustaining Geo-localization System.M. Magno, S.,Rikli, J. Quack, O. Bunecker, L. Benini

An Efficient approach to Multisuperframe tuning for DSME networks.H. Kurunathan, R. Severino, A. Koubaa, E. Tovar

April 12

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10:30 - 12:30ICCPSSession 4 - Controller Design, Implementation, and Applications
Session Chair: Rahul Mangharam

Towards a Framework for Realizable Safety Critical Control through Active Set Invariance. Thomas Gurriet, Andrew Singletary, Jake Reher, Laurent Ciarletta, Eric Feron and Aaron Ames

Ordering Events Based on Intentionality in Cyber-Physical Systems. Wajeb Saab, Maaz Mohiuddin, Simon Bliudze and Jean-Yves Le Boudec

Co-Regulation of Computational and Physical Effectors in a Quadrotor UAS. Xinkai Zhang, Seth Doebbeling and Justin Bradley

OpenUAV: A UAV Testbed for the CPS and Robotics Community. Matt Schmittle, Anna Lukina, Lukas Vacek, Jnaneshwar Das, Christopher P. Buskirk, Stephen Rees, Janos Sztipanovits, Radu Grosu and Vijay Kumar

Learning and Control using Gaussian Processes. Achin Jain, Truong Nghiem, Manfred Morari and Rahul Mangharam

14:00 - 15:30ICCPSSession 5 - Synthesis and Verification
Session Chair: Justin Bradley

Efficient Verification for Stochastic Mixed Monotone Systems. Maxence Dutreix and Samuel Coogan

Distributed Optimal Control Synthesis for Multi-Robot Systems under Global Temporal Tasks. Yiannis Kantaros and Michael Zavlanos

Receding Horizon Multi-Robot Coverage. Sankar Narayan Das and Indranil Saha

Fly-by-Logic: Control of Multi-Drone Fleets with Temporal Logic Objectives. Yash Vardhan Pant, Houssam Abbas, Rhudii A. Quaye and Rahul Mangharam

16:00 - 17:00ICCPSSession 6 - Optimization
Session Chair: Indranil Saha

The Impact of Packet Dropouts on the Reachability Energy. A. Sanand Amita Dilip, Nikolaos Athanasopoulos and Raphael Jungers

Sound Mixed-Precision Optimization with Rewriting. Eva Darulova, Einar Horn and Saksham Sharma

Parameter Optimization in Control Software using Statistical Fault Localization Techniques. Jyotirmoy Deshmukh, Xiaoqing Jin, Rupak Majumdar and Vinayak Prabhu

April 13

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10:30 - 12:30HSCCSession 7 - Temporal Logic and its Aplications
Session Chair: Necmiye Ozay

Specifying Timed Patterns using Temporal Logic. Dogan Ulus and Oded Maler

Efficient Parametric Identification for STL. Alexey Bakhirkin, Thomas Ferrère and Oded Maler

Parameter Invariant Monitoring for Signal Temporal Logic. Nima Roohi, Ramneet Kaur, James Weimer, Oleg Sokolsky and Insup Lee

Localizing Faults in Simulink/Stateflow Models with STL. Ezio Bartocci, Thomas Ferrère, Niveditha Manjunath and Dejan Nickovic

14:00 - 15:30HSCCSession 8 - Algorithms and Foundations
Session Chair: Maria Prandini

Algorithms for exact and approximate linear abstractions of polynomial continuous systems. Michele Boreale

State Estimation of Dynamical Systems with Unknown Inputs: Entropy and Bit Rates. Hussein Sibai and Sayan Mitra

Improving validated computation of Viability Kernels. Benjamin Martin and Olivier Mullier

16:00 - 17:30HSCCSession 9 - Modeling and Verification
Session Chair: Dejan Nickovic

Modeling the Impact of Vehicle Platooning on Highway Congestion: A Fluid Queuing Approach. Li Jin, Mladen Cicic, Saurabh Amin and Karl Johansson

(T) Graphical Modeling of Hybrid Dynamics with Simulink and Stateflow. Akshay Rajhans, Srinath Avadhanula, Alongkrit Chutinan, Pieter Mosterman and Fu Zhang

(T) DSValidator: An Automated Counterexample Reproducibility Tool for Digital Systems. Lennon Chaves, Iury Bessa, Lucas Cordeiro and Daniel Kroening

(T) AVERIST: Algorithmic Verifier for Stability of Linear Hybrid Systems. Miriam García Soto and Pavithra Prabhakar

17:30 - 18:00HSCCHSCC business meeting, announcements about next HSCC