Proceedings of the Formal-IDE 2019 - Preface
Ref: CISTER-TR-200105       Publication Date: 7, Oct, 2019

Proceedings of the Formal-IDE 2019 - Preface

Ref: CISTER-TR-200105       Publication Date: 7, Oct, 2019

F-IDE 2019 is the fifth international workshop on Formal Integrated Development Environment, held on October 7, 2019 in Porto, Portugal, as part of the FM 2019 World Congress on Formal Methods.
High levels of safety, security and also privacy standards require the use of formal methods to specify and develop compliant software (sub)systems. Any standard comes with an assessment process, which requires a complete documentation of the application in order to ease the justification of design choices and the review of code and proofs. Ideally, an F-IDE dedicated to such developments should comply with several requirements. The first one is to associate a logical theory with a programming language, in a way that facilitates the tightly coupled handling of specification properties and program constructs. The second is to offer a language/environment simple enough to be usable by most developers, even if they are not fully acquainted with higher-order logics or set theory, in particular by making development of proofs as easy as possible. The third is to offer automated management of application documentation. It may also be expected that developments done with such an F-IDE are reusable and modular. Tools for testing and static analysis may be embedded within F-IDEs to support the assessment process. The workshop is a forum of exchange on different features related to F-IDEs.
We solicited several kinds of contributions: research papers providing new concepts and results, position papers and research perspectives, experience reports, tool presentations. The workshop was open to contributions on all aspects of a system development process, including specification, design, implementation, analysis and documentation. The current edition is a one-day workshop with eight communications, offering a large variety of approaches, techniques and tools. Each submission was reviewed by three reviewers.
We also had the honor of welcoming Wolfgang Ahrendt, from Chalmers University of Technology, who gave a keynote entitled What is KeY's key to software verification?

Rosemary Monahan
Virgile Prevosto
José Proença


F-IDE 2019
7, Oct, 2019
5th Workshop on Formal Integrated Development Environment
Porto, Portugal

5th Workshop on Formal Integrated Development Environment (F-IDE 2019).
Porto, Portugal.

ISSN: 2075-2180.

Notes: F-IDE 2019 was held as part of the 3rd World Congress on Formal Methods (FM 2019)

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