Ana Aguiar

IoT for Smart Cities: Experiences from a large-scale pioneering deployment
University of Porto & Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal
24, Jul, 2018 14:30-15:15 (45 minutes)
CISTER, Porto, Portugal

Smart cities aim at improving the citizens’ quality of life by providing a deeper understanding of the urban processes, which in turn supports better-informed policy decisions and make new services available to the citizens based on that acquired knowledge. The variety of the processes to observe requires sourcing heterogeneous technologies for sensing and data collection. The Internet-of-Things (IoT) paradigm encompasses the tools and solutions for such large-scale, pervasive and distributed monitoring systems. This talk shares our learn-by-doing experience in building a city-scale IoT deployment that leverages static and mobile nodes to monitor the weather, environment (air quality and noise), and mobility on a city-scale. We deployed a vehicular network with 600+ vehicles and 19 static environmental sensors. We also developed an easily re-configurable crowdsensing platform and carried out several mobile crowdsensing campaigns with more than 600 participants. The data is collected in a common backend and stored using common spatio-temporal data models to simplify sharing and joint analysis for the characterization of urban dynamics. The talk will highlight the challenges faced and lessons learned, show how WiFi can play a role in the communication with mobile nodes, present proof-of-concept use cases, and several applications of data mining to extract useful information from the collected data.

Ana Aguiar is Assistant Professor at the University of Porto (UP), and a researcher at Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT). She graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UP in 1998 and received a PhD (Dr-Ing) in Engineering (Telecommunication Networks) from the Technical University of Berlin in June 2008. She is visiting faculty at the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA. She works on wireless networked systems, concretely on mobile sensing, mobile IoT and 802.11-based networks within the scope of several industry and state funded projects with applications in the field of smart cities. She has built the mobile crowdsensing tool SenseMyCity within the scope of the FP7 Future Cities project in Porto. She is also operating the UrbanSense platform of environmental sensors deployed in Porto. She applies data mining and machine learning to support wireless networks with mobile nodes and in the field of smart cities. She has published several journal and conference articles, contributes as reviewer for several IEEE Communication and Computer Society journals and IEEE conferences, and has served in the organising committee of several IEEE conferences.

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