Seminar Series 2012 - Borislav Nikolic

Seminar Series 2012 - Borislav Nikolic

Towards Network-on-Chip Agreement Protocols
30, Mar, 2012 12:00-13:00 (1 hour)
CISTER, Porto, Portugal

Current many-core and network-on-chip platforms are not used in real-time domain. Demands for functionality enhancements, cost reductions and power savings clearly suggest the reconsideration of the previous statement. However, multi-core platforms experience additional problems, e.g. lack of scalable coherence mechanisms, inefficient OS architectures, the necessity to perform load balancing, migrations. These problems have to be addressed before such systems can be considered for integration in real-time embedded domain. We have devised several agreement protocols which solve some of the aforementioned issues. The protocols allow the applications to plan and organise their future executions both temporally and spatially (i.e. when and where the next job will be executed). Decisions can be driven by several factors, e.g. load balancing, energy savings and thermal issues. All presented protocols are analytically described, with particular emphasis on their respective real-time behaviours, impacts on system schedulability and worst-case performance. The underlying assumptions are based on the multi-kernel model and the message-passing paradigm, which constitutes the communication between the interacting instances.

SPEAKERS BIO: Borislav graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade with major in Computer Science in 2007. He spent almost two years in industry developing large-scale enterprise applications. Currently, Borislav is doing his PhD at CISTER/IPP-HURRAY Research unit. He is amateur road cyclist and big fan of FC Red Star Belgrade. His research interests include real time and embedded systems, distributed and parallel computing, gossip protocols, ORMs and software architecture and design.

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Borislav Nikolic

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