Seminar Series 2019 - John Harrison Kurunathan

Seminar Series 2019 - John Harrison Kurunathan

Symphony and DynaMO - Techniques to improve QoS in Deterministic Wireless Networks
26, Jun, 2019 10:30-11:30 (1 hour)
CISTER, Porto, Portugal

Recent advancements in the IoT domain have been pushing for stronger demands of Quality-of-Service (QoS) and in particular for improved determinism for time-critical wireless communications under power constraints. The IEEE 802.15.4e standard protocol introduced several new MAC behaviors that provide enhanced time-critical and reliable communications. The Deterministic Synchronous Multichannel Extension (DSME) is one of its prominent MAC behaviors that combines contention-based and contention-free communication, guaranteeing bounded delays and improved reliability and scalability. However, the protocol lacks efficient system architectures or tuning mechanisms to further improve the overall QoS. This talk will provide an insight into two techniques that can enhance the QoS of the existing protocol.

John Harrison Kurunathan received his degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from SRM University in the year 2012. He obtained his Masters in engineering in the field of very large scale integrated systems from SSN College of Engineering in the year 2014. He has worked in the research unit of SSN College of Engineering. He is currently enrolled in the PDEEC doctoral program in the University of Porto. His current research interests are Embedded Systems, Robotics and Micro electro mechanical systems.

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