WMC 2018

6th International Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems
11, Dec, 2018
Nashville, U.S.A.
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/njit.edu/wmc2018Outside Link
Call for Papers: https://sites.google.com/njit.edu/wmc2018

Held in conjunction with RTSS 2018.


Geoffrey Nelissen: "Mixed Criticality Systems. What is it Really?" (PDF)

Konstantinos Beltsas: "Panel Discussions" (PDF)


CISTER's main roles:
Geoffrey Nelissen
Program Committee and Invited Talk
Konstantinos Bletsas

Conference or Workshop Papers/Talks
Decoupling Criticality and Importance in Mixed-Criticality Scheduling CISTER-TR-181119 
Konstantinos Bletsas, Muhammad Ali Awan, Pedro Souto, Benny Ã…kesson, Alan Burns, Eduardo Tovar6th International Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems (WMC 2018). 11, Dec, 2018, pp 25-30. Nashville, U.S.A..WMC 2018 was held as part of RTSS 2018, Nashville, USA, 11-14 December.