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Visit of collaborator from Mälardalen University

21, Jun, 2016

Matthias Becker, a PhD student from Mälardalen University, Sweden, is visiting CISTER. Matthias’ research focuses on many-core real-time systems with particular interest in predictable execution frameworks for industrial systems. This led to a close collaboration with CISTER’s researchers Vincent Nélis and Borislav Nicolic. During a first visit in 2015, mechanisms for predictable execution on a clustered many-core processor were developed and later will be published at ECRTS 2016. During his current visit, Matthias is working on a prototype implementation of the framework targeting the Kalray MPPA 256 many-core processor. Additionally, he is working on extending the framework, taking other sources of unpredictability on a many-core processor into account.

As part of the CISTER seminar series Matthias also presented the final outcomes of the ongoing collaboration. He will mainly present the developed execution framework and discuss future research directions.