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20, Apr, 2017

ENABLE-S3 is industry-driven and aspires to substitute today’s cost-intensive verification & validation efforts by more advanced and efficient methods to pave the way for the commercialization of highly automated cyber physical systems (ACPS).
ENABLE-S3 will add important missing verification & validation technology bricks which are required to ensure the dependability (safety and security) of ACPS at affordable costs and will set the basis for future standards in this field. Thus ENABLE-S3 results shall help to enable the market introduction of this new and for Europe’s industry very important technology of automated systems. ENABLE-S3 will, in this way, help the European industry to retain leadership in the strategic field of automated systems due to faster development and test of new products, fewer call-backs and faster follow-up of call-backs with higher quality, which allows to step into and to create new markets. ENABLE-S3 is led by AVL List GmbH, has an overall budget of €64.8 M, and the consortium is formed by 71 partners ranging over 16 different countries.

The second General Assembly meeting of the ENABLE-S3 European project will be hosted by CISTER, in the ISEP premises, and will take place on the upcoming 23rd and 24th of May 2017. The meeting will count with the presence of around 100 participants, including academics and industrialists from key European players, including AVL, Thales, Airbus, Philips, Renault, among many others, as well as researchers from well-known European academic institutions. During the General Assembly meeting, the results of the first year of the project will be analyzed, and the first prototype demonstrations of the various use-cases addressed by the project will also take place.

In ENABLE-S3, CISTER is involved in three of ENABLE-S3’s use cases, namely: Use Case 4 – Traffic Jam Pilot, led by the Portuguese partner GMV Skysoft; Use Case 7 – Touch and Go Assistant, lead by Airbus; and Use Case 13 – Farming, led by TTControl. In these use cases, CISTER researchers bring to the table knowledge and experience on several topics that strongly relate and contribute to the safety and security aspects being tackled by the project, namely, static and dynamic formal verification, vehicle platooning, and real-time scheduling analysis.

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