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CISTER holds General Assembly of Project on Security, Trust and Privacy of Industrial IoT

19, Oct, 2017

CISTER hosted the 1st General Assembly and F2F meeting of the ECSEL European project SCOTT (Secure Connected Trustable Things).
SCOTT is one of the largest European research projects focusing on trustiness, dependability, security, privacy, and safety of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). SCOTT has a consortium of industrial partners like Volvo, INDRA, Ericsson, AVL, NXP, Nokia, and Phillips that together with a core team of leading academic partners aim to leverage the IIoT and related technologies across European industries. Such technologies include: wireless sensor networks, RFID, machine to machine communications, cloud computing, Big data, software-defined networks, and 5G.

The meeting was attended by 85 partner representatives. The forum was used to present the advances in all the technology lines, building blocks and use cases of the project. Some of the main results of this meeting were the definition of the high level objectives of the project related to the link between security and safety for IIoT in different domains of the project: automotive, aeronautics, railway, building and healthcare. Another important aspect was the discussion of the concepts of security classes, privacy labels and the trustiness framework that will form the main axis of the proposal. The project also saw the proposal of the first draft of the reference architecture for alignment of use cases and design of secure, trustable and safe industrial IoT applications based on the SCOTT/DEWI bubble and the new paradigm based on security/safety classes and privacy labeling.


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