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Moris Behnam gave a distinguished seminar on Predictability and dependability in parallel architectures

15, May, 2018

Moris Behnam, associate professor at Mälardalen University, Västeras, Sweden, gave a distinguished seminar entitled “Predictability and dependability in parallel architectures” at CISTER/FEUP. In this talk, he addressed the growing requirements for high performance, predictability and dependability guarantees of current industrial software applications, from trains to autonomous utility vehicles, aviation, smart grid power management and other. While the state of the art COTS hardware systems provide high performance through parallelization, achieving dependability and predictability is still challenging. The talk focused on results and ongoing activates within the "DPAC Dependable Platforms for Autonomous systems and Control" project, which considers multicore and heterogeneous system (including GPU and FPGA) architectures. The project investigates how heavy parallel applications such as machine learning and video feature detection algorithms use low-level resources and tries to optimize their scheduling and allocation. Moreover, the project also investigates how to provide different levels of isolation between different applications sharing the system resources.

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