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Reinder Bril gave a distinguished seminar on WCRT Analysis in Ethernet AVB

15, May, 2018

Reinder Bril, associate professor at the Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, gave a distinguished seminar entitled "Independent yet Tight WCRT Analysis for Individual Priority Classes in Ethernet AVB" at CISTER/FEUP. Starting from the current motivations to use Ethernet technology to provide real-time communication the talk then focused on Ethernet AVB, a standard that enables transporting high-volume data (e.g. from cameras and entertainment applications) with latency guarantees. The traditional busy-period analysis that ensures these latency guarantees relies on knowledge of all interfering data streams. However, this is not realistic in complex industrial systems due to the high number of streams and the diversity of their patterns. Thus, the talk then presented an independent real-time analysis based on so-called eligible intervals, which does not rely on any assumptions on interfering priority classes other than those enforced in the Ethernet AVB standard. The analysis is proven tight when no additional information on interference is known.

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