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Periodic Seminar on Thermal-Aware Scheduling

27, May, 2019

Javier Pérez Rodríguez gave a talk on “Single-Core Thermal-Aware Scheduling”.
During the talk, he addressed the scheduling problem of non-preemptive periodic tasks on a single processor platform under thermal-aware design.
As a matter of fact, technology advances in microprocessor design have resulted in high device density and performance during the last decades. More components are fabricated on the chip die and millions, if not billions, of instructions can now be executed within microseconds. A consequence of this advancement is heat dissipation by the microprocessors.
In this context, elevated on-chip temperature issues have become an important subject for the design of future generations of microprocessors, especially in avionics and automotive industries.
After a brief overview of the thermal models for single-core platforms available in the literature, Javier presented two new thermal-aware scheduling strategies, referred to as NP-HBC and NP-CBH, to keep the system temperature within specified parameters and derived their respective schedulability analysis.

Javier is currently a PhD student member at CISTER and is involved in the THERMAC project (Thermal-aware Resource Management for Modern Computing Platforms in the Next Generation of Aircraft), developed in collaboration with Honeywell.

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