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New Master in Critical Computing Systems Engineering starting in ISEP

26, Jun, 2020

Applications are now open for the new MSc in Critical Computing Systems Engineering, sponsored by CISTER and with the scientific coordination of the unit’s Director, Eduardo Tovar.

This Master is designed to offer a suitable educational foundation for prospective students who want to become experts in the area of Critical Computing Systems. These include either recent graduates in areas such as Software Engineering, Electronics and Computers Engineering, Computer Science, and related fields, as well as professionals in these areas with similar qualifications.

Embracing the technological, human and organizational factors associated with the development of Critical Computing Systems, the ultimate objective of this 2-year MSc is to equip the students with the scientific foundations, the right engineering toolsets, and the necessary hands-on experience so that they are capable of performing informed assessment of the expected levels of safety typically demanded in this increasingly important class of systems. The MSc also provides a wide coverage of the knowledge involved in the development of Critical Computing Systems in the domains in which their successful application is of paramount importance, like Automotive, Avionics, Industrial Internet of Things, Banking and Finance, etc.

The MSc has a strong involvement of CISTER's industrial partners. Students successfully finishing the MSc are equipped both to work in the industry or pursue a research career, including a PhD.

Further information can be found on https://www.cister-labs.pt/mscccse/ or by sending an e-mail to msc@cister-labs.pt.