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Visit of collaborators from Lulea University of Technology

10, May, 2016

Researcher Per Lindgren from Lulea University of Technology (LTU) is back to CISTER until the end of July to continue the collaboration on topics covered in the project EMC2. Per Lindgren is a chaired professor in Embedded Systems at EISLAB, Sweden, and manages the Sustainable IT systems Master's (SITS) program. He is a member of the ARTES++ reference group, and member of the ARTEMIS Architecture group, having contributed to the ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), section on Design Methods, Tools, Virtual Engineering. Among the many topics that LTU and CISTER have been working together, there is an active collaboration in the definition of curricula for subjects related to the construction of certified compilers for embedded systems software development, as well as deductive approaches to the formal verification of uni-processor scheduling algorithms.

During this month, CISTER hosted researcher Marcus Lindner, also from LTU. Marcus Lindner is pursuing its PhD under the supervision of Per Lindgren. His field of research is embedded systems with a focus on reliable and verifiable software with real-time support. During his stay, Marcus gave a seminar entitled “Robust Industrial Automation Software: outsets for non-determinism and real-time execution” where he presented software related issues and focused on selected properties, which are important for software development to improve the robustness of industrial automation software. Also during his stay, Marcus actively collaborated with CISTER researchers Luís Miguel Pinho and David Pereira in the topic of formal verification of industrial automation applications, with particular focus on the verification of the IEC 61499 standard.