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A new collaboration between CTU Prague and CISTER

1, Jul, 2017

Aasem Ahmad, a Ph.D. student from Czech Technical University in Prague, is doing an internship at CISTER.
He presented a seminar on “Scheduling algorithm for large scale ZigBee cluster-tree WSNs” providing an overview of his recent research work, which focuses on scheduling time-constrained data flows with opposite directions in ZigBee cluster-based networks. Given the common interest in this research line between the two research units, CISTER researchers Ricardo Severino and Eduardo Tovar have been collaborating with Aasem towards the application of his scheduling strategy to other protocols, in a more application oriented perspective.
Hopefully, this will trigger new research collaborations aiming at further developing the support wireless infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 paradigms.