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New Book on Unmanned Aerial Systems: Theoretical Foundation and Applications published with Elsevier Academic Press Publisher

26, Jan, 2021

The book titled "Unmanned Aerial Systems: Theoretical Foundation and Applications" edited by CISTER Researcher Anis Koubâa, and Ahmad Tahar Azar presents some of the latest innovative approaches to drones from the point-of-view of dynamic modeling, system analysis, optimization, control, communications, 3D-mapping, search and rescue, surveillance, farmland and construction monitoring, and more. With the emergence of low-cost UAS, a vast array of research works in academia and products in the industrial sectors have evolved. The book covers the safe operation of UAS, including, but not limited to, fundamental design, mission and path planning, control theory, computer vision, artificial intelligence, applications requirements, and more.

This book provides a unique reference of the state-of-the-art research and development of unmanned aerial systems, making it an essential resource for researchers, instructors and practitioners.