CISTER QuickNews - 13 Oct 2014

CISTER Quicknews

13, Oct, 2014


 CISTER QuickNews

Welcome to the October 13, 2014 edition of CISTER QuickNews.

CISTER QuickNews is a newsletter providing up-to-date information on the activities and results of the Research Centre in Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems, being disseminated monthly to a selected audience.

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Quick look

1. New researcher joins CISTER
2. Final results of the BIC students (interns) at CISTER
3. High participation of CISTER in ECSEL JU Calls
4. 2nd CISTER Industrial workshop: CiWork 2014
5. CISTER visited by representatives of Embraer
6. CISTER hosted another distinguished seminar in September from Prof. Frank Mueller

New researcher joins CISTER

Maria Ángeles Serna recently joined CISTER as a post-doc researcher. Maria received a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science in 2008, a M.Sc. degree in Advanced Computer Technologies in 2010, and a PhD degree in Computer Science with honors ("cum laude") in 2013, all both from the University of Castilla-La Mancha. She was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Computer Science, University College Cork between July 2013 and June 2014.

Previous to the start of her PhD studies, Maria held a position as a developer in a private company, implementing Geographic Information Systems. She also held several positions as a developer at University Castilla-La Mancha. During her PhD studies, Maria was also a visiting researcher at CISTER/INESC-TEC.

Her research interests include collaborative processing of environmental information in wireless sensor networks, including data dissemination techniques, phenomena monitoring, modeling and simulation.

More information at: http://www.cister.isep.ipp.pt/people/maria_moreno/

Final results of the BIC students (interns) at CISTER

Three pairs of enthusiastic BIC students from ISEP and FEUP joined CISTER for a three months internship program. During this time frame, they contributed to a set of very challenging projects (recalled below) under the supervision of CISTER researchers.

The presentation of their remarkable results is available at: http://www.cister.isep.ipp.pt/events/seminar_series_2014___bic_student_projects_final/

Project 1) Sensing in motion: by Marco Rodrigues (ISEP) and Miguel Sandim (FEUP) oriented by Raghuraman Rangarajan and Vikram Gupta

Real-time environment monitoring is required to quickly address issues of pollution of noise, air, water and land. This is especially important in an urban scenario for situational awareness and improved decision making. Current air pollutant sensors are in fixed locations and away from critical places. The aim of this project is to make a modular UV-based system capable of autonomously taking environmental measurements at different localities and transmit this data in real-time.

Project 2) Vision feedback to control 3D motion: by Dalila Lima (FEUP) and Nuno Almeida (ISEP) oriented by Filipe Pacheco and Shashank Gaur

Quadcopters provide easy and affordable 3D movement capabilities and enable new robotic tasks. However controlling the position in space of a device with adequate accuracy is a challenge. In this project computer vision is used to provide real-time position feedback and enable simple control in the 3D space of the quadcopter. The target application is an plotter-like demonstration where the quadcopter can draw paths on a vertical wall without human assistance.

Project 3) Tele-presence robot: by João Pacheco (ISEP) and Paula Fortuna (FEUP) oriented by Pedro Souto and Ricardo Severino

Conventional video-conference systems although very useful allow for limited interaction. This project will combine a video-conference system with a wifibot to allow for a more interactive experience. Its goal being to allow a user to roam around a remote place and interact with remote users via a video-conference system, e.g. to remotely assist in lab work.



High participation of CISTER in ECSEL JU Calls

CISTER has successfully participated in the recent ECSEL JU calls and participated in the submission of nine proposals. The proposals are on various CPS-related topics including, smart city infrastructure and applications, safety assurance, security, maintenance and testing. CISTER’s intended research contributions include issues in runtime monitoring, timing, schedulability, verification and testing, communication, security, middleware and various pilot demonstrators.


2nd CISTER Industrial workshop: CiWork 2014

CISTER has organized and hosted the 2nd Industrial workshop on Real-time and Embedded Systems CiWork 2014, on September 26th.

CiWork 2014 gathered together around 40 industry representatives and researchers to discuss the most recent advances and innovations in the area of RTES. Being an industrial workshop the focus was on the presentations by companies which presented their views and needs and case studies.
This year’s edition had two keynotes, one on European Opportunities in RTES (by FCT/GPPQ), and another on Regional Opportunities for industry-academia partnerships and the main regional strategic drivers by CCDR-N. Besides the two keynotes, there was a special focus on smart Cities with a round table lead by Câmara Municipal do Porto (department of Innovation) with the participation of Freedom Grow, Inova+, Associação Porto Digital and CISTER.

During the day several companies presented their case studies, methodologies, tools and industrial challenges in the domain of aerospace (GMV), power lines automation (EFACEC) factory automation (Critical Manufacturing), smart cities (ISA) and inovation management (Inova+).
The forum also served to create and foster synergies between industry and academia.

More information at: http://www.cister.isep.ipp.pt/ciwork2014/


CISTER visited by representatives of Embraer

On September 5th, CISTER was visited by representatives of Embraer, one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers with its headquarters in Brazil. CISTER seized the opportunity offered by this visit to organize a workshop day during which CISTER gave an overview of the projects and international efforts in which the team is involved.


CISTER hosted another distinguished seminar in September from Prof. Frank Mueller

Professor Frank Mueller (mueller@cs.ncsu.edu) visited CISTER and delivered a talk on “Predictability for Uni- and Multi-Core Real-Time/Cyber-Physical Systems’’ in order to: (1) highlight challenges and contributions in worst-case execution time analysis for real-time system considering architectural changes over time and (2) discuss future trends and open research problems.

Frank Mueller is a Professor in Computer Science and a member of multiple research centers at North Carolina State University. Previously, he held positions at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Humboldt University Berlin, Germany. He received his PhD from Florida State University in 1994. He has published papers in the areas of parallel and distributed systems, embedded and real-time systems and compilers. He is a member of ACM SIGPLAN, ACM SIGBED and a senior member of the ACM and IEEE Computer Societies as well as an ACM Distinguished Scientist. He is a recipient of an NSF Career Award, an IBM Faculty Award, a Google Research Award and a Fellowship from the Humboldt Foundation.

More information at: http://www.cister.isep.ipp.pt/events/_talks/

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